Our passion is for a community where the area’s heritage assets are valued and sustainably preserved for the benefit, education and enjoyment of current and future generations.



To bring our vision to reality we will engage in the following:

• Building awareness and appreciation of our heritage and so increase understanding and foster local pride and affection.

• Advocacy for and implementation of the conservation of assets and preservation of heritage recognising their contribution to local regeneration

• Rescue and conservation of heritage assets, including their settings

• Seek to find a sustainable future for heritage assets that may be either in our own or another ownership which recognises their heritage values including local character and distinctiveness

• Manage change so that the significant values of individual heritage assets are carried forward for future generations to enjoy

• Promote education, training and skills for managing and maintaining heritage assets

• Encourage active working with a wide range of partners including statutory bodies



We will achieve our vision and mission by adhering to our ethical standard and good governance procedures as expressed below and in accordance with our charitable objectives.


In our Trust business and decision making we will conduct ourselves with:

• Honesty and integrity

• Respect

• Transparency and openness

• Accountability and efficiency


In the projects the Trust undertakes we aim to be:

• Inclusive

• Knowledgeable

• Ethical

• Inspirational

• Taking a long term view


In the way the Trust communicates both internally and externally we will strive to be productive and supportive by acting with:

• Honesty and integrity

• Respect



Reg. Charity No. 114775. A company limited by guarantee No. 6859885.

Registered Office: Security Office, Whitecliff Quarry, Coleford, GL16 8NB