Scheduled Monument No 1002080

Location NGR: SO 67516 15945

Address Lower Spout Lane, Mitcheldean GL17 0EA, UK

The site lies next to the lane from Mitcheldean to Flaxley, at the point where the lane from Littledean joins it. Car parking is gained by the short driveway from the Mitcheldean Road. Adjacent is an upper viewing area with interpretation. The lower area can be viewed from the track below.

Photograph courtesy Chris Morris

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What is it?

Making iron in the Forest of Dean began before the Roman period.  With the wealth of local iron-ore and ample wood for charcoal it continued over the centuries.  In the years around 1600AD, new large scale technology arrived in the form of the charcoal-fuelled blast furnace. During the 17th century the Forest had more of these furnaces at work than anywhere else in Britain. Gunns Mill Furnace was one of them, built in 1625 and rebuilt in 1682-3.

The furnace is one of the most complete of its kind in Britain; rare and important, and the only surviving example in the south of England.  After 1740 the site became a paper mill.

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