The site today

The site consists of the blast furnace rebuilt in 1682-83, the large water wheel pit and other structures, some modified by the conversion to a paper mill in the 1740s. A striking feature is the high, half timbered, drying loft for paper.  It extends along the length of the furnace structure and includes the former charge house of the furnace for which timber was felled in 1681.

The dendro-dating of the oak timbers has increased the historic value of the site from important to unique but the building has been deteriorating for many years as shown by the old photographs in the Gallery. After 2000 Gunns Mill Furnace was shrouded in white weatherproof plastic and continued to deteriorate, albeit at a slower rate. It is high on Historic England’s Monuments at Risk Register.  In 2013, the site was donated to the Trust by Mr William Parker who purchased it a decade earlier to prevent its loss by redevelopment.

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