Church of St James Lancaut

Scheduled Monument No 1002078

Location NGR: ST 53698 96482

Address Lancaut Lane, Chepstow NP16 7JB, UK

Current Activity

In 2013 the Forest of Dean Buildings Preservation Trust petitioned the Crown through the escheat process and eventually a fresh title was created and the church vested in the Trust’s ownership. The Trust then succeeded in raising funding to implement a conservation programme originally proposed by Gloucestershire County Council and English Heritage in 2007.

The works, specified and supervised by architect Simon Cartlidge, were undertaken during 2014-15. Using hidden stainless steel components, the structure was stabilised to prevent further movement towards the river. The fallen part of the chancel arch was rebuilt using the original arch stones and the general stonework of the church was re-pointed and grouted.

Reg. Charity No. 114775. A company limited by guarantee No. 6859885.

Registered Office: Security Office, Whitecliff Quarry, Coleford, GL16 8NB