Scheduled Monument No 1021420

Location NGR: SO 56870 10149

Address 1 Whitecliff, Coleford GL16 8NB, UK

The site lies half a mile southwest of Coleford, alongside the unclassified road from the town centre to Clearwell and Newland. There is no parking on site, but vehicles may park tidily within the access road to Whitecliff Improvement Company, 50 yards beyond.

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What is it?

The major structure is an early, coke-fired blast furnace for smelting iron-ore. Built in 1798-99, it is a rare survival of its type and the only example left in southern England.  To its left are the foundations of a second furnace. To the right are the remains of the engine house. Further right is the abutment for a third furnace that was probably not completed. Above at top level, but not accessible, is the charging platform where raw materials, iron-ore and coke arrived, via an inclined way, for feeding the furnaces.  After 1812, materials could be delivered direct to top level by the new Coleford - Monmouth tramroad.

Reg. Charity No. 114775. A company limited by guarantee No. 6859885.

Registered Office: Security Office, Whitecliff Quarry, Coleford, GL16 8NB